insight2impact has developed a database highlighting rigorous behavioural science studies relating to people’s decisions to take-up or use financial products. 

We have been exploring some of the ways in which behavioural interventions have been used to influence financial decision-making and our database includes behavioural studies where:

  • Rigorous research (RCT, lab or field experiment) was undertaken
  • A behavioural intervention was applied
  • The studies measured changes to the financial services uptake and/or usage decisions of individuals, which related to a specific intervention

To enable financial service providers to identify interventions that relate to a particular financial product class or, more broadly, to the behaviour change they are keen to influence, studies can be searched by: 

  • Product category (Savings, Credit, Insurance and Remittances) 
  • Whether the study reported changes in uptake or usage of the financial product 
  • Intervention areas (Default choice options, Commitment Features, Pricing and Financial Benefits or Client Communication) OR
  • Intervention type (i.e. Reminders, Social Norms, Priming, etc

We will continue to add to this list of research papers. If you are aware of other papers that we should include, please contact [email protected] with the details.