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ILO Impact Insurance Facility’s community of practice meeting

Written on 22 Oct 2016

In October 2016, i2i attended the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility’s 1st community of practice meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Donor institutions, market facilitators, microinsurers and Impact Insurance Fellows attended to discuss three main topics – customer centricity, digitisation and change management.

The community of practice meeting was an excellent opportunity for i2i to get an on-the-ground understanding on how data and analytics are currently being applied within decision-making in microinsurers. We are excited about the potential for working with a number of organisations who attended the event.

i2i’s Abenaa Addai and Krista Nordin co-facilitated a session with the ILO on how to become a (more) digital organisation. The discussion focused on new data sources, analytical methodologies and business models emerging for digital organisations, and how to identify the level of analytics maturity and strategy of your organisation.

The role of data and analytics in microinsurance is a topic i2i is exploring to better understand the role of data and analytics across financial service providers. The i2i is currently conducting a scoping survey on this topic and also covering the drivers and barriers to further adoption.

We are looking forward to continuing this conversation at the ILO’s Impact Insurance Forum on becoming a digital insurer in Sri Lanka in mid-November.