When we rate essay services, we take into account several factors. First, we check the website and see if it is professional and easy to use. If it is not, we rate the service lower.

Next, we check the prices. If they are too high or too low, we again rate the service lower.

Finally, we check the quality of the essays themselves. If they are well-written and free of plagiarism, we give the service a high rating. If not, we rate it lower.

There are other factors that we take into account as well, but these are the three most important.

If you are looking for a legit essay writing service, then follow these three tips. First, check the website and make sure it is professional and easy to use. Second, check the prices and make sure they are not too high or too low. Third, check the quality of the essays themselves. If they are well-written and free of plagiarism, you can be sure you are dealing with a legit essay writing service.

10 Signs That An Essay Writing Service Is Legit

1. The Company's Goal is to Educate

Reputable writing companies are often commercial businesses. They must make money in order to keep their business afloat. They will often try to offer more services to their clients, sometimes even free.

Study help should, for example, be organized to assist students with limited budgets. Credible writing companies will often provide free learning materials, sample essays, and other information for students. They may also add grammar and plagiarism checkers to student sites.

2. Trustworthy Website

A company that invests in their business will take care of its web presence. Customers today want to do business with service providers that have a high quality web presence.

Students will lose trust in companies that run similar websites and use the same order processing centre. Users prefer to deal with a trusted player who takes responsibility and acts under its legal entity.

3. No Essay Review Websites that Lie

Although essay review websites were created to ensure the quality of the service, the effect they have on clients is quite the opposite. Websites that praise such services do not have the trust of students. Reddit and other independent platforms are a good place to get an objective opinion.

A site with a good reputation and a solid reputation will not have an essay review website. Do your research before you give anyone your data, learning materials, or money.

4. Customer Feedback On Independent Platforms

You can avoid being deceived if you do your homework and dig deeper into the company from which you order your paper.

Pay attention to what services you hear about in your student circle. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. If this fails, you can try the internet or other independent platforms. You'll find the most objective opinions about a service only from those who have actually used it.

5. There are many recognized payment methods

The better the website lists more payment processors, the better. This isn't just about security, but also convenience. A company may have partnered or signed a contract with several payment processors to offer a range of payment options. They have accepted it and made it a condition of their operation.

A payment method you can trust is a key to data security. Some allow you to encrypt the information so that you don't have to pay extra for it.

6. The Prices are Reasonable

A good writing company should strive for affordability. It does not necessarily mean that you should offer cheap products. Don't forget, if a product is too inexpensive, it's likely to be of poor quality.

You'll get a poor paper if you look for lower prices or offer that are too good to be true. It will waste your time, and you'll end up paying twice as much to ensure that you have something to send to your professor. If you can find a company that offers affordable services, this is your best choice. After all, writers need to be paid for their work.

7. Social media marketing is not aggressive

Marketing and advertising are essential for companies today. Companies use many media channels to market their brands and gain more customers. You should avoid any aggressive social media campaigns from writing companies.

This is usually a sign that the company needs clients. Fake followers or endorsements should be a sign that there is something wrong with the company. Referrals and repeat sales are more important for successful services. They offer services to people who find them without advertising.

8. Customer Support

Call their support to get a free test of the company from which you plan to order your paper. Pay attention to the small details, such as the accent, speed of their answers, and so forth. You can also write to them. You should have a chat option. This company may be added to your list if they are prompt to respond and provide detailed answers.

A reliable company invests into their customer service. It typically has enough employees to resolve clients' problems quickly. Do not deal with this company if you don't notice such an attitude. It is not difficult to find another company in this industry.

10. Mailing address and phone number

Many companies do not want their contact information to be made public. You have an Internet-generated number, but it does not guarantee that the company exists. You can see the address and find information about companies that rent space there. This should increase your confidence in the service's existence.

You will also have the address where you can mail your complaints to the authorities or file a complaint with them. This information is vital to verify the legal status of the company.

Final words
We have compiled some tips to help you avoid fraudulent websites and identify legal ones:

  • Deliver work on-time
  • Never deliver plagiarized work
  • Review sites should always allow honest reviews
  • Write the terms and conditions in a proper manner

These are important points to keep in mind. You can also consult seniors or friends who have used academic writing services and ask about their experiences. Remember that free work is not always reliable.