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i2i data portal

Let the data speak to you. Delve into the latest financial inclusion datasets from around the world. Compare indicators across countries and periods. Start by gaining a broad overview of the financial market through National Surveys, and then deepen your understanding of how low-income households manage their financial lives using financial diaries.

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National Surveys

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National Surveys (which are nationally representative surveys of adults in a particular country) demonstrate how people source their income and manage their financial lives. Providing a view on the levels of financial inclusion within a country, they are of value to policymakers and researchers who are looking to improve the functioning of financial markets.

Data portal dashboard
Data portal dashboard

Financial Diaries

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Financial diaries offer insight into the combination of financial instruments that households use over time. Trained enumerators visit households multiple times over an extended period to ask questions about income, expenses and transactions in financial instruments. While the selected sample is not nationally representative, the level of depth obtained through diaries research is not comparable with traditional survey methods.

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