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Unleashing the power of data for financial inclusion

A platform for governments, researchers and financial service providers.

Financial service providers:

Data is increasingly important for all types of market players including banks, fintechs, payment providers, credit providers, insurance companies, MFIs, and cooperatives, among others. This data portal provides new tools and datasets to help market players deepen their understanding of client behaviour and needs, and identify new market opportunities.

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Governments, policymakers and regulators:

Data is increasingly used to inform, measure and evaluate financial inclusion policies. This data portal offers data and indicators for policymakers and regulators to compare their jurisdiction with their peers, identify under and un-served populations that require interventions, and understand the state of financial inclusion.

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Data is a critical input for researchers looking to deepen their understanding of financial inclusion and its ultimate impact on communities and households. This data portal provides a one-stop-shop for your financial-inclusion-data needs by gathering, cleaning, and making previously inaccessible datasets available to download and interact with.

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Can’t find what you are looking? Know about a financial dataset that is not currently available on our data portal that we should add? Are there more indicators you would like to see visualised? Please write to us and give us your feedback at

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