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Paperslead review

Written on 15 Feb 2022

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About Paperslead

Paperslead is one of the most prominent custom writing services on the market. It has been operating since 2012 and has authored over 40,000 papers throughout its history. However, it does not allow any discounts for returning customers so interested parties need to pay an arm and a leg to get high-quality work.

Paperslead can boast five years of experience in custom writing and it is one of the most established services on the market. It has only positive reviews – this must mean that it does a great job, right? Wrong – almost all customers point out that they do not get what they expected and demand their money back.

Paperslead online reputation

Paperslead is horrible and most experts advise against working with them. They explain that they do not care about their customers and even when a client points out what they did wrong, the company does not react in any way. It is also worth noting that Paperslead itself admits on its website to using outsourced workers so basically it boils down to working with unqualified personnel.

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Paperslead pricing

As for the services offered by Paperslead, they are very limited. All customers have access to "Business," "Academic," and "Essay" writing while all other types of papers come with an extra fee. In addition, there is a paperslead prices calculator on the website that calculates the total cost of the order.

This calculator is not very accurate and even when it shows that your order comes out to $34, you may end up paying more than $100. This service has an average paperslead rating of 1.5 stars on Trustpilot; most customers complain that they did not receive what they paid for.

How to order at Paperslead

It is very difficult to order at Paperslead due to the registration process that requires customers to submit their essays in advance. This has two main drawbacks. First, if you are pressed for time, you should better look for another service because you will need to work on your essay before placing an order. Second, since Paperslead uses outsourced writers, it is highly likely that you will get copied content and you can kiss your academic reputation goodbye.

Paperslead discounts and features

It is very difficult to get any discounts when you place an order with PapersLead because the company does not provide them. They explain that they do not need to give out coupons or promo codes since their rates are already discounted. However, this is just a lie – in reality, the majority of services use no less than 20% off coupon codes.

Paperslead guarantees

This service offers no money-back guarantees whatsoever. When you make an order, the website states that it is final and irreversible which means that if you are not happy with your paper, Paperslead will not refund your money. It is better to avoid this service because it does not provide high-quality custom writing services;

Paperslead paper quality review

The positive testimonials on the website of Paperslead indicate that the company provides flawless work. However, this is not really true – in fact, most customers report receiving unsubstantiated and plagiarized content. Moreover, they complain about having to deal with complicated and unhelpful customer service.

It is not easy to make out the writing style used by Paperslead because most customers complain about plagiarism. However, it can be said that this service does not provide high-quality work because outsourced writers are reluctant to use APA formatting rules and if you do not pay attention, your professor will see right through you.

Paperslead customer support review

There is no customer support team that can be contacted when you need help. Instead, the only way to reach them is via email which is not very professional. If you are lucky, the response will arrive within 24 hours but in most cases it takes at least a day or two for Paperslead to reply.

Customers consider PapersLead to be a service that is not worth using. The company has been criticized for its complicated registration process and the fact that it outsources writers makes everything even worse. In addition, most customers report receiving plagiarized content and having to deal with incompetent customer support. It is also important to point out that the cost calculator on the website is not very accurate and overpricing is a common occurrence.

The positive reviews written by customers indicate that this service offers great value for money but, in fact, most customers report receiving plagiarized content and being forced to deal with complicated customer support. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will get your


Is paperslead safe? It is not easy to recommend Paperslead because this service is just average. The pricing policy is quite fair for the most part but you should be aware that it will cost you more than $100 sometimes if your deadline is tight. However, there are better writing services out there so do not settle for an average company when there are so many great choices.