The insight2impact timeline

Where we’ve worked

A programme rooted in partnerships

With policymakers, financial service providers, data scientists, financial inclusion development partners, researchers, data scientists and academics.

1 964 We’ve worked with approximately 1 964 organisations to improve financial inclusion.
13 Partnerships have been established between at least 13 market actors as a result of i2i’s efforts to connect market actors to collaborate on developing inclusive financial products and services.
3 256 We’ve worked with approximately 3 256 people to improve financial inclusion.
22 As a result of i2i interventions, at least 22 products were developed that are affordable, accessible and appropriate to the needs of the underserved.
8 990 people
At least 8 990 people attended our various conferences, workshops and webinars.

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= 10 people

Bridging the gap

Between research and practice with financial service providers through



We’ve conducted capacity-building initiatives with nine FSPs and fintechs.

Onboarding Youth


Seven FSPs and fintechs have reported onboarding a data scientists or analysts, with one FSP intending to onboard four additional data scientists as a result of insight2impact interventions.

Investing in data


18 FSPs and fintechs have invested in data-related capacity-building as a result of an insight2impact interventions.

Appointed full time


As a result of key insights shared with one TA recipient organisation, the two interns placed with the FSP for the TA project have been appointed full time.

182 outputs
182 research outputs were produced.

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= 1 outputs

A pan-African initiative

Which brought digital technology, data and inclusion together


We’ve run three seasons of the DataHack4FI competition, with a total of 669 participants. View Website


In Season 3, 44 teams composed of 228 participants participated in the finals held across the seven participating countries.


Over 20 stakeholders we’ve worked with through TAs or in the DataHack4FI competitions have demonstrated the use of data to inform business-related decisions as a result of an insight2impact intervention.

Data sources


Over 20 stakeholders we’ve worked with through TAs or in the DataHack4FI competitions have used alternative/new data sources as a result of an insight2impact intervention.

1 350 registrations
Data enthusiast registrations across all DataHack4FI three seasons.

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= 10 registrations


340 639

Total views

106 185

Data portal views

67 590

DataHack4FI views

Location traffic

United States

Top data pages by country

South Africa
4 630 Email subscribers
2 169 Dataset downloads from the data portal
303 datasets

303 datasets visualised on the data portal.

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= 1 dataset


  • "DataHack4FI forced us to actively engage with savings groups. We had made a number of assumptions that were not aligned with their needs, but demand side data allowed us to design a better solution"

    - ZedCredit
  • “Through DataHack4FI, we have seen a glimpse of the power of a networked community of individuals and organisations committed to using data and tech for good”

    - Hennie Bester, Lead of insight2imapct
  • “I am amazed at the incredible people we are now privileged to call partners and friends, many of whom we didn’t know before – and some we wouldn’t have come across if we hadn’t tried something new. And as the financial and digital landscape in Africa keeps evolving, we’ll keep finding ways to map and make connections. Navigating a complex and changing external environment is always better in good company, after all" ”

    - Mari-Lise du Preez
  • “I think it’s an easy to use tool, easy to navigate and you are able to build easy to use charts. And the way some of data is segmented by country, so easy to compare.”

    - Data portal user
  • "It’s very rare in Africa, so not many students can access data… they need to contact national statistical organisations, but with the portal everyone can access it. It’s nice and important.”

    - Data portal user