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Samplius review

Written on 12 Jan 2022

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About Samplius is a business that sells essays, research papers, term papers, and the likes to students all over the world. It claims to offer high-quality products and services to students who need them for a cheap price; but are they really the best company out there?

I have recently ordered an essay from, so I will review their customer service, quality of work, and speed of delivery.

Samplius online reputation

As I had never dealt with samplius before, I wanted to know if there were any complaints online on the Internet. Trustpilot was my first port of call, so I searched for samplius reviews. Unfortunately, samplius did not have many positive samplius testimonials in their favor.

Samplius pricing

What really shocked me was samplius pricing. Samplius claims that their prices are the cheapest ones on the market; however, I still think they are too expensive for what you receive.

Overall review:

- poor online reputation

- high prices

Samplius discounts and features

Although may not be the best business out there, they do offer discounts from time to time, which can make their prices a little bit cheaper.

In addition, they provide an impressive amount of features that other companies don't have: a free bibliography page and revisions for life! is a company that I would certainly recommend to those who have a very strict budget.

Samplius paper quality

My review wouldn't be complete without mentioning samplius paper quality.

Although Samplius paper quality is considered to be average, samplius does provide exactly what was ordered and samplius has a strict quality control policy.

My samplius paper was of average quality and samplius paper met my specifications.

My review: samplius is a great company if you have a very tight budget and want to get an average quality of paper.

Samplius customer support

To conclude, I will talk about samplius customer support.

Although they have a very simple contact form on their website, samplius customer support is a quite long process of submitting and receiving information via email. Once the contact form has been submitted, samplius customer service was very responsive and attended.

Samplius was very responsive to my review; they made sure that I was happy with my purchase.

Is samplius legit? is, without a doubt, an illegitimate service.

I paid for my order via PayPal; however, I was a bit anxious about submitting my credit card details to a company that is not very reputable.

Is samplius reliable?

Samplius is definitely not a reliable company.

As I have already mentioned, samplius is not the best company out there and they

Is samplius scam?

Samplius is just an average business that is unable to provide quality services.

I am not particularly pleased with my purchase, but if you are on a tight budget, is the best company out there.

Conclusion organization has a very poor reputation and is not the best company out there as they provide very poor customer service and overpriced products.