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We have launched a COVID-19 Tracker, The survey themes include health and risk behaviours, food security, income, work and job security, personal safety concerns, and access to government and community support. #www.#

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Exports: oil, gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminum, manganese ore, diamonds, horticultural products



Population (2014): 2,241K


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National Surveys data (2010) – Download


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GDP by sector

GDP Over time

National Surveys

The National Surveys methodology is a credible and globally accepted process of collecting and analysing financial inclusion data. National Surveys methodology uses a sampling procedure that ensures minimum acceptable levels for national, urban/rural and regional reliable estimates with acceptable margins of error. A multi-stage sampling methodology is applied, which entails selection of enumeration areas (EAs) – from recent census or population estimates using probability proportional to size, followed by the selection of households and the selection of one adult in the selected household using a Kish Grid.

Financial Diaries

The Youth livelihood Diaries got surveyed in both Ghana and Uganda and started on 2015/04 and ended on 2016/04. The currency for both countries and symbols are Ghanaian Cedi (GH₵), Ugandan shilling (USH). The number of individuals interviewed was 246 respondents (122 in Ghana, 124 in Uganda) . The survey was conducted in Uganda: Jinja, Iganga, Mayuge and Ghana: Navrongo (Upper East region). Please note that the Financial Diaries are not a nationally representative dataset.