Students nowadays use essay writing services because of their busy schedules and a lot of assignments. These online writing services provide assignments, essays, theses, dissertations, and other academic writings to students. There is no doubt that it is legal to purchase essay writing services online. The main thing to worry about is whether all of them are trustworthy. Are they trustworthy?

Not all essay writing services are reliable.

Not all essay writing services can be trusted, as we have already mentioned. Many essay writing companies promise the best but cheat students. This article will help you distinguish a fake essay writing service from a checked essay for cheating a genuine one.

19 Warning Signs of Fraudulent Essay Writing Services

  1. Essay services that request too much information: The most important thing to look for when determining if an essay writing service has been fraudulent is that they don't place too much emphasis on confidential information.
  2. Fraudulent essay writing companies place more emphasis on information like bank account information and credit card numbers than they do on the actual service.
  3. Essay writing companies that provide limited information about the policies they follow: Genuine essay service speaks loudly about their services via their websites.
  4. They also share the policies they follow and a list of promises that they keep, rather than making false promises. When reviewing the information, it is important to note down the policies of the company, such as confidentiality and refund policy.
  5. Essay writing services with access to third-party services: Genuine sites will always have their chat service and customer support. Fake websites will have access to third-party sources, which will make them look even more fraudulent. These websites should be avoided.
  6. Essay writing services that charge too much or too little: Fraudulent essay writing services always charge the correct price. It is not too high nor too low. Either they charge too much to make money, or they rate their services too low to be attractive to students. This should not be ignored.
  7. Essay writing services that don't have samples: Samples on a website can prove whether an essay is authentic or not. This will help you decide whether or not to purchase their service.
  8. Create dozens, sometimes hundreds of websites with different web addresses. Although they may look very different at first glance, students fill out order forms and their requests end up at the same location, ie. available to be used by the same group.
  9. Create a number of fake "essay review" websites to rank their websites higher than theirs. These "reviews" or "rankings" were written mostly by ESL writers who primarily work with them. It is a waste of time to read these "reviews".
  10. Several fake departments (e.g. They have many fake "departments" (e.g., Quality Assurance Department, Billing Department, Human Resources Department, etc.). They give the false impression they are a civilized organization. However, the majority of decisions are made by one "Director", who typically runs the "company" from a local bar. These people, just like the Soviet Union, like formal organizational names to disguise their lack of achievements.
  11. Hiring Internet criminals (also located in a third country) to hack and compromise and steal form government, university and business websites. Students may mistakenly believe they have been endorsed by these compromised websites when they find links to their sites.
  12. To get fake followers or endorsements on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, you can work with Internet criminals. This is a useful signal that potential buyers can spot. It is simple because if an essay service has more then a few dozens of endorsements or followers, it is most likely that they are operating from a third-world country that specializes in hacking social networks for unrestricted financial gain.
  13. Don't post your real postal address on their websites anymore ( thanks for the long-term member who exposed their fake addresses previously). They might use fake postal addresses, usually from London or other large cities. Because a customer won't be able to tell if the person answering the phone or email comes from the USA, UK or Australia, they will only use the internet-generated numbers or email to reach them.
  14. Freelancers should be treated as employees and not as independent contractors. It is not only unethical, immoral, and illegal in civilized nations.
  15. Your comments are welcome if you see more evidence of scam websites for essay research. Students have the right not to be exposed to unwanted risks or commercial exploitations.8. Provide your own plagiarism checker. Avoid sites that ask you to scan, submit or check your paper for plagiarism. They will, at some point in the near future, illegally sell, digitize and/or publish your paper (in full or in part), despite false assurances.

  16. Offers "progressive delivery." This is a common trick used by Ukrainian websites.
  17. Advertisements for prices start at $15 per page. (Despite the false claims of the company that they only hire native English-speaking writers, such low prices make it almost impossible for them to hire American writers. ")
  18. Advertises as its payment processor. is fine by itself. is a popular choice for fraudsters from foreign countries because it allows them to receive offshore payments while still presenting the appearance of an American company.
  19. Advertise that the company/site has been online since 1997. This is false. You can check the age of the site in whois. You can also look at the corporate records of the company. It is likely that you will find out that the company lies about the site's age and the company's age (if any)
  20. Offer an "Affiliate Program." This is a popular method for scam perpetuation used by fraudulent Ukrainian companies/sites. It allows them to spread their scam through third parties without taking on additional risk.
  21. False statistics regarding their "Site Activity" (including fake "Satisfied Customer" rates).
  22. They will guarantee "100% security and privacy" (failing not to mention that they aren't under the authority of lawful authorities).